Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022) Episode 3 Review

“I am what you made me.”

The Fix

It is justifiable for Kenobi to be frightened by the endeavor of confronting his greatest failure and choosing to run instead. After all, he has been inactive for a decade and no longer in his prime, facing a more powerful adversary. So what does he do when he is cornered out on the dirt road by Vader?

But, the series is riddled with problems…

The show is at its midpoint, and I am beginning to think actor/producer Ewan McGregor letting slip the potential for more episodes beyond the initially confirmed 6-episode order is true. Because we are moving way too slow for the story to be near its conclusion — we are nowhere of value, and that is concerning because bringing back these characters is proving to be a futile effort.



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